Lead Me. Guide Me. Walk Beside Me...Help Me to Find THE WAY!!!


Pathfinders takes place on Monday evenings during the academic year for the students of the Black Hills and the surrounding area.

Pathfinders is a one-on-one, academic mentoring program for those students that are struggling in any given area of study. We also offer an open table for those students who just need help with a little homework. Our goal is that every student that truly wants to better themselves in school will have the opportunity to build a relationship with a mentor that will aid their academic success, and will hopefully build a lasting friendship.

This past year, the program has established a reading program that is built around the Scholastic Reading software that is used by most public schools in Michigan. It sets a foundation for a student’s reading or “Lexile” score which gives his/her mentor a starting point for long term reading growth. Many kids in the Black Hills are far behind in terms of reading levels and reading comprehension. Outside of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the students, reading will be the core of our academic program. If we can teach a student to read it opens up the door for so much academic growth.