Dear Friends,
First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support of United in Christ Ministries (UICM).  Your committed hearts to serve our youth over the years has enabled us the privilege to minister to the lost, and to share the redemptive love of Jesus Christ with those less fortunate.

I am proud and truly humbled to announce that I, Troy Williams, am the new Executive Director of UICM.  I am extremely excited by what God is doing—even more so about the future of His ministry.  We are so grateful to my predecessor, Allen Pontarelli, for his dedication and obedience in making this ministry what it is today.  I visualize his “ceiling” as our “floor” and consider it an honor to serve alongside you as we aim for new heights. Whatever challenges, struggles, tensions, and trials we may face in the days ahead, let us step in and face them together. Today is a brand new day…So let us look forward to new beginnings, new miracles, new mercies, new opportunities, and a renewed hope for a better tomorrow.

About Me
Born and raised in Battle Creek, Michigan, I am a recent graduate of Grand Valley State University (GVSU) with a Bachelor of Science and Arts (BSA) degree from the school of Public and Nonprofit Administration.  Raised most of my life in a Christian household by a single mother, I can speak—with confidence—to the impact that a mentor can have on a young person’s life.  Early on, as a two-sport student athlete, I knew I was blessed with a gift to guide and mentor youth.  This gift granted me opportunities to serve as a parks and rec (volunteer) referee and coach for six of my teenage years.  I gratefully accepted a full football scholarship from GVSU and had the amazing opportunity to experience teamwork at its highest level, winning back-to-back national championships.  A career ending knee injury was to follow and served as a true test of character and faith that left me questioning God…now what?!  Although youth ministry was never a part of MY plan, I was led to serve as a youth leader with Grand Rapids First Assembly’s “Vertical” youth ministry in 2012.  Along with my personal submission, the Lord eventually revealed his plan for my life through my GVSU-approved internship with The Motion Initiative (TMI).  The rest is, for the sake of time, history.

My First Ministry        
God has shown his favor on me by blessing me with a beautiful wife (Suellen) and three vibrant children ages 10 (Troy Jr.), 8 (Xavier), and 6 (Mia).  Understanding the commitment and dedication required of an Executive Director, my family remains in full support of all things revealed and unforeseen.  After a period away from the “Church”, Suellen and I rededicated our lives to Christ (November of 2012) and were both baptized in water, and thereafter, the Holy Spirit.  Our mission was made clear—to raise our children up as His, and to seek out God’s purpose for their lives.  What an amazing opportunity to allow God to reveal his burden for the ones He has created in this city.  Initially overwhelmed, it was made clear that our mission was to be aligned with God’s.

I am truly humbled to have been seemingly “catapulted” into a position of such opportunity, to intentionally pour my heart out, and to reach those who so desperately yearn for Jesus.  As we call for generational chains and strongholds to be broken, my prayer for UICM is to have greater impact on our community through our programming, outreach, and mentoring relationships.  God is on the move and I am truly looking forward to new beginnings!

Many Blessings to You ALL,


Troy Williams
Executive Director, United In Christ Ministries (UICM)